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star star star star star is one of the largest dating, sex hookup, chat, adult friends, and sexy match websites across the world. Launched in 1996, the website has been introducing strangers and helping them to hook up with their ideal matches for more than 20 years.

With a huge member base of over 40 million, Adult Friend Finder is as diverse as the whole world, since its members constitute singles, straight people, swingers, gays, lesbians, and transgender members. The website claims that you can make new friends and find the sexiest singles all over the world on this platform. Adult Friend Finder is full of hottest groups and wildest couples, irrespective of straight people, gays, lesbians, or transgender people. homepage


Before you get started on Adult Friend Finder, you need to sign up and become a member. The website offers a matching system that caters to every sexual desire, fantasy, as well as gender in the world, encompassing groups, exhibitionism, swingers, cross dressers, phone or email fancies, and BDSM.

When you become a paid member on Adult Friend Finder, you can access their blogs, forums, instant messaging service, live cams, magazine articles, and emails. However, trial users are bereft of all these gains, since they can only surf through the website and take part in a few (not all) chat rooms on the website.

The abundant number of people on this website astonishes many of its first-time visitors. However, users should remain skeptic about this, since the website is quite poor in flushing out databases of old members, who are no more active, along with a bunch of sham profiles.

However, this does not mean that Adult Friend Finder is an overall poor website. It has a great matching system, particularly in the bigger metropolitan areas. Yet, it is recommended that users should be aware that most of the members on this website are hunting for new clients, since they are ‘professionals.’ You will not find many casual sex or no-strings sex dates on this website.

How About AFF?

Adult Friend Finder is one of the first adult dating websites in the online world. Although, the website is pretty old, it has still maintained its charm among love finders by being one of the top most websites for online dating.

With a hoard of interactive features and augmenting huge member base, Adult Friend Finder has all the things that one may want to easily surf a dating website. However, some users complain that the website is full of inactive users and apparently fake profiles.

Moreover, Adult Friend Finder has been recently purchased by, which means that the site may modify its ownership. It is yet to be seen whether Adult Friend Finder lingers as it is or brings in some alterations.


  • It is one of the oldest dating websites, which was launched in 1996. The website is popular as well as has gained a premium reputation among dating fanatics.
  • There are umpteen members on the site, consisting of straight people, gays, lesbians, transgender, etc.
  • Just like the members, the interface of Adult Friend Finder is quite extensive. It offers a wide range of questions, quizzes, and fun parts, which comprise of both traditional dating as well as adult dating issues.
  • The active social community on the site is quite wide and engaging, as you can see regular blogs, articles, interest groups, contests, and advices on the site.


  • There are limited number of features on Adult Friend Finder for trial members, which means you need to become a paid member on the site to access all its features, including blogs, forums, instant messaging service, live cams, magazine articles, and emails.
  • The user interface is not intuitive and simple as compared to other dating websites, since the website is encumbered with a plenty of features that makes navigating difficult and the website slow.
  • There is no data-driven matching system on Adult Friend Finder, which means most of connections are made by the users themselves.


Adult Friend Finder is the place, where you can find really hot men and women to hook up, no matter whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender. This website is famous for breaking barriers and facilitating out of the norm dating. This means Adult Friend Finder is great for people who want to indulge in casual sex or flings. However, users should be cautious when using this site as it has a majority of ‘professionals,’ who are seeking new clients. Make sure you become a trial member on the site, before going for paid membership.